To all the amazing applicants,

The amount of talent applying to this Amor Fati 2019 year has been amazing to see and hear. We started Amor Fati Music Academy to share the knowledge we’ve been lucky enough to garner in our lives and careers.

The Director of Amor Fati, Mike Posner, has committed to a Walk Across America that started in April 2019. Unfortunately, Mike broke his foot in January 2019, and his postponed walk now conflicts with Amor Fati 2019. Thus, we regret to inform you that we are canceling this year's Academy.

All applications for 2019 will need to reapply for Amor Fati 2020 once applications are open for submission in Fall 2019.

We understand that applying took time and we sincerely apologize for being out of integrity. Regrettably, we are only comfortable holding the Academy if every element needed for success is in place.

Deepest apologies,



Amor Fati is a one-week scholarship program where artists (all ages) are mentored by world-class musicians, producers, and songwriters in the mountains of Telluride, CO.

Students will learn studio skills, how to write/produce/record songs (which they will retain ALL rights to), nutrition and fitness practices, spend time outside in the mountains, and meditation practices to help reach their potential as musicians and people.

We will all dedicate our time to them during the fellowship. The mentorship ends after the program.